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Tired of feeling like you are not enough? Frustrated with second-guessing yourself? Worried that someone's gonna find you out you're an imposter?

"Now YOU can discover, fall in love, and trust in who you are and what you offer WITHOUT apology"

Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.


Learn a Four-Step Proven Process that will transform your biggest block, a self-limiting belief, that is keeping you from standing in your authentic truth. The method I teach will enable you to take BOLD action to level up your life and career.


Create One Essential Mindset Shift that will get you results you will love. Move you from your biggest fears- that deep down you are insignificant, that you are not enough or aren't who everyone thinks you are - to owning your amazing value.


Transform the Seven Biggest Obstacles that block you from embracing your authenticity. Left unresolved, these will continue to drain you of creativity, abundance, and confidence. Prepare yourself to own your worth- You! It's easy to transform these obstacles and get lasting results than you might believe, I will show you how.

Julie Anna Bishop

Hey Beautiful Soul!

It's me... Julie (my friends call me "Jewels" and now you can too!)

... and this is my story.

You just might relate to it AND be inspired by it.

My journey to find and embrace my truth began in 2002... and I felt soooo lost.

After a few years of climbing the corporate ladder like a crazed superwoman, while taking care of literally everyone else’s needs, I fully lost myself and it took three wake-up calls from the Universe to snap me back from my stupor to the realization that life is short.

I'm guessing with present circumstances, you probably know this feeling all too well too, right?

It definitely made me question how I planned to live the rest of my life.

"Who am I? What am I doing? Do I matter? Do I make a difference?"... It had me longing for more depth, meaning, and purpose.  

How many times have you asked those same questions?

The Universe had my attention... I decided I must do something about it!

At first, I tried reading all kinds of self-help, personal growth books... and every other big promise of transformation techniques you can think of... perhaps you have too. Learned a lot, but not quite what I was searching for...

I even bought courses (honestly, some I didn't always finish), attended numerous workshops, and applied suggestions from the top spiritual leaders. 

When I started the journey to find deeper meaning and who I am outside of my roles, as a mother, wife, sister, VP, I believed I was alone... that I had no one to help me.”

...And of course, none of the things I was trying worked for me... long-term - yes, they were helpful, insightful, and shifted some things but NOT sustainable.⁣

I was incredibly frustrated... and I felt like a failure! I felt shame and a bit of guilt too...

I didn’t know of any other way to regain my sense of self, my worth... I kept searching outside of me and I felt soooo alone!

As you might imagine, I found myself in a negative, abusive relationship myself, a vicious loop. "It can’t be that hard, what’s wrong with me, am I just that stupid?" - the daily inner dialogue got louder and crueler.  

Ever find yourself in a downward spiral, struggling to escape? Sucks, doesn't it? 

Maybe you wanted something so badly that you think you'd do anything to get it, yet it always seemed to remain just out of reach no matter how hard you tried?

That was me...  I ached for what I felt was missing!

The truth is, I was deeply committed... I gotta be honest with YOU, there was NO WAY with all that negative internal chatter that I could get out of my own way to begin manifest what I held so dearly in my mind... regardless of all my affirmations, intentions, and vision boards.

Something tells me you know what I mean.

I had seen what other women like us had achieved. I saw them on the internet...I saw them on the stage… I saw them on Super Soul Sunday being interviewed by Oprah. 

So confident... so strong... so intelligent... so multi-talented... so utterly gorgeous and making a big difference!  

In the corporate world, I had spoken at national platforms and always worried over whether or not anyone would even care about what I had to say, or worse yet, they would figure out I was a fraud. Imposter syndrome!

I knew I HAD to discover whatever it was that would allow me to embody such energy, passion, and light... and to use all my gifts to make a difference in other people's lives.

I wanted to prove to myself I could one day confidently walk on one of those stages smiling on the inside as well as the out, share my truth authentically, even if I wasn't sharing a stage with the likes of Brene Brown... (yet!)

Even though it would've been great to have someone help me from day one, I took a deep dive and soldiered on to finally find the right support, mentors, to crack the code! You'd be amazed at how simple it really is.

What I realized was I didn't have to "prove" anything to anyone, including myself...

I simply needed to go inward to find my truth... And then live my truth for me.

I finally learned and integrated what I had craved for so long… a loving, compassionate relationship with myself. With the inner critic quieted, I could hear the wise whispers of my soul, and the creativity, passion, love began to authentically flow.

And I did it! I achieved my dream of owning my truth, and I continue to reclaim more of myself every day and in doing so, the impact on others comes naturally.

Real results began to manifest from my consistent action and commitment to developing a relationship with my intuition. Because of it, I authored multiple Amazon best-sellers,  had the courage to leave a toxic marriage, and eventually authentically shared my story of transformation on stages nationwide! I'm guessing you have an idea of what you'd like to create too.

My life expanded and as it did, I found ways to give back. I started a nonprofit to empower survivors of abuse to embrace their worth, reclaim their confidence, and thrive beyond their trauma. 

Today? Now my passion is to help YOU (and other multi-passionate women like you!) begin your self-compassion and empowerment journey to your truth knowing EXACTLY what to do from day one.

If you want it as badly as I did, then you’re ready now to embrace your birthright - to feel happy, healthy, and confident from the inside out.... you totally can- it's easier than you think, I promise!

I would love to be your partner on your journey. Please join me for an introduction to what is possible. What you will gain as a result is invaluable - your truth.


P.S. “Now, I'm 100% committed to being the most joyful, confident AND compassionate soul that I can be, and to help as many others like you as possible - who want to do the same, together.”

Now, before we dive into the benefits of a masterclass that’s gonna shift EVERYTHING  for you, let’s get a few things clarified and out of the way.

Annnd......Let's keep it real with NO  B.S. Sound good? Awesome!





Your Inner Wisdom Knows What is BEST For You and You Are In Charge of Your Life... No One Else Gets to Decide.

Embark on the greatest journey within you. You have access to a higher knowing, a direct connection to source your answers, confidence, and healing.

This superpower is just waiting for your discovery. Begin with the desire to go to your next level of growth and evolution.

You know you want more out of life... demand more without apology. It's your turn to step into that next version of yourself.

Once your inner world changes, everything on the outside changes too!

Flower of Life


Comparing Yourself to Others Will NEVER Help You, not EVER!

In fact it is the number one killer of authentic connection.

Discover how to be the best you. Embrace your fears so you can be authentic and vulnerable with the one's that matter most to you.

Relationship are everything. The more deeply you connect with who you are at the core, the more you are able connect to others without agenda and comparison.

I see you feeling happier, healthier, and having more energy to be with others in a meaningful way.

Bottom line? You do you and let everyone else do themselves.

Balance Mind Body Soul


You Were BORN with Access to Everything You Need. Reclaiming Those Vital Parts You've Hidden Is Essential.

We put so much energy into our work, our families, our routines... we need to put as much (if not more) effort into embracing ourselves.

Discover aspects of yourself that you may have abandoned long ago because you were trying to be loved, accepted, and fit in.

Release and transform the lies that limit what you think you can or can't have, what you are or aren't worth, what you can or cannot accomplish.

You are so ready, can you feel it? Time to explore, uncover, and tap into your next level of wholeness.

Pyramids Triangles Higher Perspective


Your Mindset & Beliefs About You Are MORE Important Than What Others Think of You.

Shift the mindset to work for you and empower your journey to living your truth.

Discover what your truth has in store and together create a vision of what action you can take in the next 90 days to get connected with and integrate it into your life.

Do you have what you say you want? How long have been dreaming about it? You don't have to wait any longer because your truth has always been with you, you simply need to reclaim it.

Sounds easy enough, right?! Live your truth and life aligns with you.




Learn How to Source Your Inner Power, Your Highest Self, Your Superconscious to Access Your Answers, Shift Limiting Beliefs, & Empower Self-Compassion.


The Guarantee that YOU Will Create Deeper Connections Those Who Truly Care About You and Want You To Succeed


Gain Access to Vital Parts of Yourself That You Have Hidden, Quieted, or Forgotten About so You Can Reclaim Who You Were Born to Be.


Begin to Align Your Truth With Your Actions, Thoughts, and Beliefs Because Who You Are, What You Value, And How You Show Up in the World Makes A Difference - You Matter.


You Can Take Action & Shine Your Light

Have you ever wondered how athletes win gold medals? I know I have.

They SHOW UP again, and again, and again.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Not just once in a while or when they feel like it. No, they engage in it every day.

In fact, the ones at the top are not because they are the most talented, it is because they are the most committed, they want it. They need it.

The practice of unleashing your truth is a similar journey.

But how do we do that when we have never been taught?

Don't worry, I will share with you a simple daily practice - a self-alignment with your truth, so you can do it on your own.

It's all about your willingness. Your desire. Your commitment to yourself and your dreams.

I was not taught how to access my own intuition and trust my own knowing growing up. I suspect, neither were you.

We were all taught to look to the outside for answers, compare ourselves to others, and take the word of authority figures to define ourselves - the supposed to's and should's are what shackles us to a limited view of ourselves.

When in fact it is scientifically proven that we are multi-dimensional beings that are all uniquely expressed. It is our birthright to be able to fully express ourselves.

So why do we spend 20 -30- 40 plus years of our lives getting feedback from outside of ourselves that we can't be the multi-passionate, sensitive, empathic souls we were born to be?

I know I have personally been teased, bullied, and ridiculed for being all three. I used to think they were right, and dimmed my light to not rock any boats or outshine those around me. Sound familiar?

It is what drained me of energy, passion, and purpose until I woke up and said no more. There has to be a better way and I was willing, committed to finding it.

That is what it takes and I suspect, why you are here... am I right?

Look, as a child, you entered the world with complete access to all of who you are and with time begin to shut down parts of yourself to win approval and feel loved.

It is necessary to undo this mindset and allow yourself to become whole once again by embracing all of who you are. Are you willing?

You can empower yourself and give yourself full permission to expand into the beautiful multi-passionate, multi-dimensional soul that you are with joy and without apology. Because it is not up to "them" to define you.

It is not up to your "inner critic" to do so either. It is a collection of memories, simply tapes, recalling to you what others have told you out of their own fear.

Be open to trust your inner voice, trust how you were created and absolutely embrace all of who you are, fully expressing your authentic truth.

There is a purpose in your design waiting for your own validation.

Not the validation of a mother, father, grandparent, teacher, guru, priest, spouse, friend...

Your validation.

Discover how to be your own advocate and to show up in the world without doubting yourself.

Rise above your self-limiting expectations to embrace your own brilliance so you can make a difference by simply being you.

Let's imagine just for a moment that you are an artist and you have spent your mature life thinking that you can only use a four-pack of crayons that you were given to create.

You feel you could do so much more if only you had access to more colors.

Then you notice someone else has access to a hundred-twenty pack of crayons, would you stick to the same four colors or would you explore the other hundred-sixteen?

It's okay to be multi-passionate and explore all the parts of you that light you up.

The people who shame you for having so many different interests, of creating different businesses, or desiring to do so many things are likely only comfortable with their four-pack of crayons.

It's more than all right to be you, in fact, it's absolutely necessary that you can embrace all of your brilliance without shame, guilt, or apology.

It can be terrifying to put yourself out there - yet no one is served if you keep your multiple gifts to yourself.

Fear of failure? What's worse failing or never trying to begin with?

Worse than failure, is feeling like your half living, insignificant, not making a difference. It has a negative impact on your wellbeing and drains your energy.

You don't need to allow fear, your past, or playing it safe to hold you back from fully being you.

What if, instead, you USE your fear and challenges as invitations?

Source a divine level of COURAGE to give yourself more LOVE and attention so you can stretch and evolve into your next level of self-expression.

What could you experience more of if you listen to the whisper of your soul?

Learn to connect more deeply with intuitive wisdom, the gateway to the superconscious, the source which accelerates freedom and unlimited inspiration.

Create a new reality for yourself, one that embraces ALL of who you are and all that lights YOU up.

Let's design a delicious, deeper, more soul-satisfying experience of life that meets the desires of your multi-faceted soul. 

Prepare for the next level of your inner evolution that is aligned with your truth.

Manifest powerful results in your growth and leadership. Create a lasting change that will leave an empowering legacy long after you’re gone.

Take Action. Kickstart Your Journey & Activate Your Inner Power.

let's take a deep dive


" As a now survivor of almost deathly DV, I was in a very scared place inside at the time I took Julie’s workshop. I was hungry for the depth of compassion and insight she brings to everything she does! The words in Julie’s online book were just the balm I needed to begin to extricate myself through extreme self-care from the horrendous relationship and decade I was trying to survive through. My gratitude for what she brings to the world is real! Bendiciones a nuestra hermana Julie que nos saca de las tinieblas con amor y fortitud!!! Corazona ."

Anaelisa Vanegas, Director & Founder of Manos Unidas Multicultural Educational Coop

“I now have a profound appreciation for how much I really love myself... how thankful for the journey and experiences that I have had that have gotten me to this point.  I also have had a realization that my opinion/ voice is important. And at the end of the day, the only person I need to be accountable to is myself and that is the only one that truly matters.”

Stephanie MacLeay, Dietitian & Reiki Practitioner

“To begin with, I want to tell you what a gift it was to meet you... to have your wisdom, guidance, and support to bring me to a place within myself that I can discover all the secrets I've been holding onto for the past 42 yrs! It feels like a miracle yet at the same time I recognize what good work I did to get to this place which makes it feel real and accessible to me! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! It was life-changing for me and I don't feel different - I feel more like myself than ever before!

Kristin Hughes, Simplicity Parenting Coach & Teacher

"When looking at my future self, bizarrely enough, the future self was just finally healed. My heart was really open, my chest was expanded. Overall, I felt an openness, vulnerability, and power at the same time. Connecting that together is actually connected to the work. I didn’t know how it’s related, but it is like this work is exactly what I need to do. I never could make it (the connection) before. It was quite an eye-opener. I felt a lot of freedom. It is an internal feeling of freedom as opposed to external- quite enlightening. I felt like crying at the power of the experience. This is what I need to do to heal completely. I don’t know why, it just is."

Richard Ede, Holistic Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist

"Surviving a divorce is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do.  I have managed to remain whole and even begin to thrive thanks to Julie’s gentle guidance... Navigating the mourning process became achievable for me by embracing the principles carefully laid out... I have felt supported on my journey. The program and Julie’s book are honest, straightforward, and compelling."

Jean Emberlin, Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Practitioner

“I discovered a belief about myself from past trauma that was holding me back from opening my heart more fully. I also gained more confidence and clarity in speaking out about what I do and how I help others heal their back pain without drugs, medication, or surgery. I've been able to pursue my practice full-time. ” 

Eileen Duane, Posture Alignment Specialist & Personal Trainer




You are committed to your own growth and are looking to break through to your next level of making a meaningful impact at home, your career, community, or the world at large.


You are self-aware, love deep conversations, and seek new ways to deal with life's challenges, obstacles, and fears so you have more joy, connection, and time to do what makes your heart sing.


You're ready and long to embrace the fullness of who you are - a multi-dimensional, multi-passionate human being. Leading a life that lights you up and fuels your inner flame, without apology, fear, or shame.


You have experienced your share of trauma, loss, and difficult challenges and want more for yourself. You're willing to explore the depth of your soul. Life is short, so you want to live your best, most abundant, and authentic life possible - your way.


You are done comparing or living up to everyone else's expectations and know it's time to live your truth even if it means some people you love may not understand. Living a mundane, predictable, or mediocre life just isn't your cup of tea.

Desire Different Results, Take New Action.

unleash your truth


"This vital step towards taking your next bold action and building more courage, confidence, and creativity than you ever believed possible."

I absolutely love helping you take your next purpose-filled step towards connecting with the powerful superconscious part of yourself that has the ability to shift not only the lies your unconscious mind tells you but the trajectory of your future.

It's TODAY. Right here. Right now.

A lot of you say that you’ll pursue your purpose, passion, or dreams “next Monday,” “next month,” or even “next year.” 

Well, next year is here now.

A year from now, you will wish that you started today.

Happiness is an inside job, and you need to be the one to decide to put the work (love) in.

I am here to encourage you on your journey...

to live your best life...

to connect to your soul for more than just a mundane life...

to help inspire you to dive deep, take radical care of yourself,

and to practice self-compassion like the value of your life depends on it because it does!

Nourish your mind, body, and soul...

to spread positivity...

to keep it real...

to educate and, of course,

to enjoy the journey.

Be Bold, Be Brilliant. Be You.

You have nothing to lose & so much to gain.